New York State Stories

Bluebird of Brockport – A Novel of the Erie Canal

Bluebird of Brockport, A Novel of the Erie Canal (Set in western New York State and on the Erie Canal, 1830) – Dreams of floating on the Erie Canal have flowed through Lucina Willcox’s mind since childhood. Yet once her family has purchased their boat and begins their journey, they meet with one challenge after another. An encounter with a towpath rattlesnake threatens her brother’s life. A thief attempts to break in and steal precious cargo. Heavy rain causes a breach and drains the canal of water. Lucina comforts herself with thoughts of Ezra Lockwood, her handsome childhood friend, and discovers a longing to be with him that she just can’t ignore. Can she have a future with Ezra and still hold onto her canalling dream? Ezra Lockwood’s one goal in life is to build and captain his own canal boat, but two years into the construction of his freight hauler, funds run short. With his goal temporarily stalled, and Lucina Willcox back in his life, his priorities begin to change. Can he have both his dreams — his own boat, and Lucina as his bride? Kindle $2.99, Paperback $12


For the Love of Roses

For the Love of Roses (Set in western New York State, 1984) Reeling from the loss of her parents in a tragic auto accident, Carey McIlwain resigns her teaching job to take up the reigns of the family florist business, unaware of the challenges that await her. Gavin Jack, the darkly handsome rose supplier threatens to cut off deliveries due to lack of payment. Alex Hensley, the college botanist, wants more than friendship from their casual dates. Her younger brother Todd, who is supposed to step into the business after graduating with his Master’s degree, develops a disabling addiction that threatens both his and Carey’s future. Can she somehow weather the storms to find security, satisfaction, and that special someone who will steal her heart? Kindle $2.99, Paperback $12