Lighthouse Collection

Charlotte of South Manitou Island

Fourth in the series of Great Lakes Romances® (Set on South Manitou Island, Michigan, 1891-1898) Charlotte Richards, fatherless at age eleven, thought she’d never smile again. But Seth Trevelyn, son of South Manitou Island’s lightkeeper, makes it his mission to show her that life goes on, and so does true friendship. Together, they explore the World’s Columbian Exposition in far-away Chicago where he saves her from a near-fatal fire. When he leaves the island to create a life of his own in Detroit, he realizes Charlotte is his one true love. Will his feelings be returned when she grows to womanhood? Kindle $2.99 Paperback $13

Aurora of North Manitou Island

Fifth in the series of Great Lakes Romances® (Set on North Manitou Island, Michigan, 1898-1899.) With her new husband, Harrison, lying helpless after an accident on stormy Lake Michigan, Aurora finds marriage far from the glorious romantic adventure she had anticipated. And when Serilda Anders appears out of his past to tend the light and nurse him to health, Aurora is certain her marriage is doomed. Maybe Cad Blackburn, with the ready wit and silver tongue, is the answer. But it isn’t right to accept the safe harbor he’s offering. Where is the light that will guide her through troubled waters? Kindle $2.99, Paperback $12

Bridget of Cat’s Head Point

Sixth in the series of Great Lakes Romances® (Set in Traverse City and the Leelanau Peninsula of Michigan, 1899-1900.) When Bridget Richards leaves South Manitou Island to take up residence on Michigan’s mainland, she suffers no lack of ardent suitors. Nat Trevelyn wants desperately to make her his bride and the mother of his two-year-old son. Attorney Kenton McCune showers her with gifts and rapt attention. And Erik Olson shows her the incomparable beauty and romance of a Leelanau summer. Who will finally win her heart? Kindle $2.99 Paperback $12