Foxe Sisters Collection

Queen City Candy Shoppe

Soon after Rosalie Foxe arrives in the Queen City of northern Michigan for the summer of 1900, she stands at the center of a candy shoppe controversy. Accused of frittering away a gold coin meant for her aunt and uncle’s candy shoppe mortgage payment, Rosalie learns they are about to lose their store and the apartment above which is their home. When Kenton McCune, a handsome, Harvard-trained lawyer comes to their aid, he responds with tart words to Rosalie’s claim of innocence. Can her spun-sugar web of sweetness capture his confidence, and his heart? Kindle $2.99 Paperback $12

Trail Ride by the Yadkin River

When Vanda Mae Foxe’s cherished mare takes sick and dies, she leaves a huge hole in the sixteen-year-old girl’s heart. Thankfully, her daddy’s expansive North Carolina horse farm has plenty of room for a new favorite, and her next-door-neighbor, Willy Jo Winthrop, offers to sell Vanda Mae the perfect horse for her. However, Willy Jo’s father insists on selling the horse to an unsavory character instead. A dispute erupts, and Willy Jo gets kicked off the family farm he loves. He takes refuge with the Foxe family and his friendship with Vanda Mae prospers as they ride beside the Yadkin River. But horse trouble trails him. Can Willy Jo solve the horse problems, reconcile with his family, and win Vanda Mae’s affection as well? Kindle $2.99 Paperback $12