Donna Simons’ Review of Adventures with Vinnie: “This is a ‘must read’ book for dog lovers. I felt as though I was in the same room as the author as she writes about her experiences with her two dogs, particularly Vinnie. The book has many comical moments…hard to put the book down. People who own or have previously owned a dog from a shelter can relate to the ups and downs of trying to teach good behavior and how to deal with mischievous dog moments…this book is a very enjoyable read.”

Donna Simons’ Review of Bluebird of Brockport—A Novel of the Erie Canal: “I thoroughly enjoyed Bluebird of Brockport. I’ve read many of the author’s novels and appreciate the time and care she takes to research the setting before writing. I felt transported back to the 1830’s on the Erie Canal with the descriptive words she used….If you enjoy historical fiction with romance, the author doesn’t disappoint. Overall, a very good read.”

Donna Simons is the author of Copper Empire, a historical novel about the Italian Hall disaster of 1913, and has written over a dozen newspaper and magazine articles for publications such as The Detroit Free Press, Lake Superior Magazine, and Michigan Living Magazine. https://sites.google.com/site/copperempire/



Harold Wolf’s Review of Adventures with Vinnie: This anecdote album by a gifted professional writer highlighted a dog adopted from a shelter. Dog fans may drool. Individual chapters evoked laughs, heart warmth, sorrow, encouraged dog-hugs…This fast captivating read should be considered by dog professionals (i.e. vets, groomers, shelters, breeders, etc.) as an educational tool. It captures life with Vinnie-types, a larger dog of vim and heart…Vinnie was full of bow-WOWs.

Harold Wolf’s Review of Bluebird of Brockport—A Novel of the Erie Canal: 4-1/2 stars for readers enjoying epic-style adventure. It’s historical fiction in the style of classics where readers join characters through everyday living. This book covers about ten weeks on an Erie Canal boat with a family embarking on their new adventure….[including] a constant thread of romance….If I wasn’t retired, I’d encourage my former teenage students to read this yarn.

Harold Wolf is a Top 50 Amazon reviewer with a hearty appetite for reading, especially Christian fiction. He is a retired teacher, a Christian by faith, and is married to a sweet lady.


Cass Wessel’s Review of Adventures with Vinnie:….[This book] is a rollicking, fun read about a dog and his sometimes frustrating antics, but it is also about dog ownership and the hard decisions these pets sometimes force upon their owners….60 pages of sheer enjoyment….I couldn’t put it down. I loved it.

Cass Wessel’s Review of Bluebird of Brockport—A Novel of the Erie Canal: …the strong plot holds the reader’s interest and many hooks keep the reader turning pages. A surprise near the end catches the reader off guard and heightens suspense. [This] is Donna Winters’ best story yet.

Cass Wessel, a retired minister, is an avid reader, writer, and reviewer. She has many published devotionals and has contributed to several anthologies and magazines. She holds a B.A. and an M.Div. and blogs at http://www.wordsabouttheword.com/index.html


Nancee Marchinowski’s Review of Adventures with Vinnie: [This] is a 60-page book of episodes filled with laughter and humiliation, pain and suffering, and the love and companionship that a unique pet offered his humans, even in the most difficult situations. … Read and enjoy Adventures with Vinnie! If you’re a pet owner, or have a heart for animals, this is a touching story of truth and life with one of life’s ragamuffins.

Nancee Marchinowski’sReview of Bluebird of Brockport—A Novel of the Erie Canal: Donna Winters weaves a delightful tale of historical fiction with well-researched and factual aspects of the early years of canalling in the state of New York.

Nancee Marchinowski, a former medical transcriptionist and report editor, reads and reviews family friendly/Christian books for numerous authors, publishers, and book groups.  http://perspectivesbynancee.blogspot.com


Pat Rowland’s Review of Adventures with Vinnie: Donna Winters’ book about adopted pet Vinnie would be excellent reading for anyone considering adopting a shelter animal. I love that Donna and her husband seek out these animals and provide them the caring some have never known.… “Adventures with Vinnie” is a great read and the profits go to animal shelters, so you have two good reasons to choose this book.

Pat Rowland is a retired healthcare executive and award winning writer, having written for several healthcare publications and newsletters, and for newspapers, and magazines. She currently lives in a suburb of Memphis with her two cats, and writes devotionals for various publications and for her blog, http://patluffmanrowland.com.