Courageous Women Collection

Saving Mossy Point: In the Fifty-First State of Superior

When retired schoolteacher and widow Betty Hanson learns that the 51st State of Superior is about to close Mossy Point State Park, she expresses her concern to Ray Engstrom, the head of the General Land Office. But Mr. Engstrom reveals a discouraging fact: Mossy Point State Park has never paid its own way since it opened back in 1959. And according to him, it “has the same chance of running in the black as a turtle has of flying.”

Determined to prove Mr. Engstrom wrong, Betty gathers help from friends and neighbors. A plan emerges and work begins to put Mossy Point State Park on solid fiscal ground. But not everyone is on board with the plan. At times, Betty almost finds herself side-tracked by dealing with her estranged daughter and grandson who suddenly appear back in her life, and then there is her close friend Lee who seems to want more than friendship. The State itself seems to have alternative plans for the park, and when an accident threatens to destroy both Betty’s and the park’s finances, all of her plans could fall apart. What can possibly turn their fortunes around and make a turtle fly? Kindle $2.99, Paperback $12


Elizabeth of Saginaw Bay

Pioneer Edition in the series of Great Lakes Romances® (Set in the Saginaw Valley of Michigan, 1837.) The taste of wedding cake is still sweet in Elizabeth Morgan’s mouth when she sets out with her bridegroom, Jacob, from York State for the new State of Michigan. But she isn’t prepared for the untamed forest, crude lodgings, and dangerous diseases that await her there. Desperately, she seeks her way out of the forest that holds her captive, but God seems to have another plan for her future. Kindle $2.99, Paperback $12

Jenny of L’Anse Bay

Special Edition in the series of Great Lakes Romances® (Set in the Keweenaw Peninsula of Upper Michigan in 1867.) Eager to escape the fiery disaster that leaves her home in ashes, Jennifer Crawford sets out on an adventure to an Ojibway Mission on L’Anse Bay. In the wilderness, her affections grow for a native people very different from herself—especially for the chief’s son, Hawk. Together, can they overcome the differences of their diverse cultures, and the harsh, deadly weather of the North Country? Kindle $2.99, Paperback $12

Isabelle’s Inning

Encore Edition in the series of Great Lakes Romances® (Set in the heart of Great Lakes Country, 1903.) Born and raised in the heart of the Great Lakes, Isabelle Dorlon pays little attention to the baseball players patronizing her mother’s rooming house—until Jack Weatherby moves in. He’s determined to earn a position with the Erskine College Purple Stockings, and a place in her heart as well, but will his affections fade once he learns the truth about her humiliating flaw? Kindle $2.99, Paperback $12