Caledonia Chronicles

Unlikely Duet

Part One of the Caledonia Chronicles, Great Lakes Romances® (Set in Caledonia, Michigan, 1905.) Caroline Chappell practiced long and hard for her recital on the piano and organ in Caledonia’s Methodist Episcopal Church. She even took up the trumpet and composed a duet to perform with Joshua Bolden, an ace trumpet player whom she’d long admired. Now, two days before the performance, it looks as if her recital plans, and her relationship with Joshua are hitting sour notes. Will she be able to restore harmony in time to save her musical reputation? Kindle $2.99 Paperback $12

Butterfly Come Home

Part Two of the Caledonia Chronicles, Great Lakes Romances® (Set in Caledonia and Calumet, Michigan, 1905-06.) Deborah Dapprich’s flighty ways had earned her the nickname, “Butterfly,” in childhood. Now, as a young woman of eighteen in the year 1905, her impetuous wanderings brought unanticipated trouble. A marriage of convenience to her childhood friend seemed the only way out. Tommy Rockwell knew that life with his Butterfly would never be dull, but he wasn’t prepared for the challenges of his new bride. From Caledonia to Calumet he pursued her, only to discover that he was running second to her first love, the theater. Would she ever light long enough for his love, and the will of God, to work their way into her heart? Kindle $3.99 Paperback $18