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Bigwater Publishing LLC was established in 1988 to offer wholesome fiction to readers twelve and up, and has released over twenty titles set in the Great Lakes region. With self-publishing on the increase, Bigwater Publishing LLC now offers resources and consulting services to writers wishing to publish their own titles.

SelfPublishingNavigator.com assists writers interested in launching their own titles, either as ebooks or paperbacks. There, writers will find links to editors, cover artists, illustrators, book printers, marketing experts, ebook formatters, and conferences. The blog page provides timely advice from experts in writing and publishing.

GreatLakesRomances.com specializes in wholesome fiction for readers twelve and up, offering over twenty titles set in the Great Lakes region. Discover brave lightkeeping heroines and compelling Great Lakes captains who will capture your heart and remain in your memory long after the story ends.